During my time in EA Sports I had the oportunity to work with NHL 20 and NHL 21, focusing on Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT). A mode that let you create a fantasy line up with the best hockey players in the world. My role here was to develop conceptual artworks that reflects the live events the ocurred in NHL throughout the season. Part of it was a constant research on culture and design, staying current and ahead was the key to create new work for the NHL franchise.

Team :
Ian Chan (UI Director)
Stephen Wolynsky (Lead Designer NHL)
Daniel Telado (Lead Designer HUT)
Jeff Schramm (Lead Designer HUT)
Murphy Miu (Designer HUT)
Lillian Pham (Designer HUT

Graphic Design & Art Direction

NHL 21

LIT vs GRIT is a campaing created for NHL 21 to represent the younger ( Lit ) and the older generation ( Grit ) of NHL.  Creating a series of elements that will be carried accross the game, like the fire representing the Lit players who are agressive and stylish. The Grit player repsent the OG generation, the ones who have been the longest in the game and they have a reputation to keep.


DANAMIC DUO VOL.2 is a campaing created in 2020 to present the best duos in NHL. The whole concept was based on a Superhero theme and place two player on the same card, letting one of them to be dominant. Team color was used to clearly differentiate the teams that the player belong to. Classic angles and explosion graphics and dark contrast on details were use to bring out the Superhero magazine style to the set.

NHL 20